What sport is in you? Join the BlueSky Tribe and find love in life through sport.

Living an enduring life has given me a whole new level of energy and inner peace to live through life in a mindful, productive and fulfilling way I never thought would be possible through sport.

Jason Steinbrunn, wannabe triathlete training partner

It started with a run after many years of abandoning sport and exercise. It was painful and exhausting but I kept going.

It grew to dusting off my 20 year old mountain bike for a ride on a modest local trail. Shortly thereafter a bike tune-up, the rides continued.

It lead to the fact I was one discipline away from trying this thing called Triathlon. I could not swim (more like flail) two laps without gasping for air on the side of the pool. I doggie-paddled when I got tired but I kept going.

I kept going and I don’t ever wanna go back to where I was. Dreams are patiently sitting right outside of my comfort zone and the real workouts start when I want to stop. I’m going to keep going.

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